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Land Surveying

We offer full range of terrestrial surveys to support but not limited to mining exploration and production, oil & gas and construction/engineering projects. Our capabilities include;

Topographic surveys for land
Using GPS data acquisition techniques or Total Stations to determine the configuration of the earth surface by measuring horizontal distances, differences in elevation and directions. The data acquired will be used to generate Digital Terrain Model to assist Managers for project planning, design and development in various sectors such as mining and constructions

Dimensional Control surveys

Engineering surveys
Provide accurate and reliable dimension data throughout the construction process from the base topographical survey, cross-sections and ground modeling information to cut and fill calculations, dimensional control to setting-out on-site and finished as-built drawings.

  • Areas/Volumes calculations
  • Setting-out for construction
  • Stockpile surveys
  • Site engineering surveys
  • Precision positioning
  • Cut/Fill calculations
  • Dimensional control
  • As-built record surveys

Boundary surveys
A Boundary Survey is the interpretation of evidence to establish the corners of a parcel of land/areaand determine the location of land/area ownership lines. Using RTK GPS data acquisition techniques and Total Stations if needed to establish benchmarks of  the exact boundary corners/location. This service is commonly required in the following sectors;

  • Property
  • Plantation
  • Mining

Near shore surveys


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